Help Us Support ‘Trees On The Land’

We are delighted to partner with Trees On The Land – a charity that plants young native trees across all 32 counties in Ireland. Planting trees and increasing tree cover is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help our environment, both for now and for future generations. Trees help absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air we breathe. Trees On The Land is a charity & not-for-profit project from the Green Economy Foundation in collaboration with The Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland.

You can now donate to Trees On The Land when you place an order at Inish Pharmacy online. Donations can be as little as €0.25 and for every €1 donated, at least one tree will be planted. You can add the donation to your basket in as many multiples of €0.25 as you wish.

About Trees On The Land

Their vision is to establish tree cover and woodland in rural and urban areas that will grow for many years and provide valuable resources, beneficial ecosystem services and a lasting legacy for future generations. We feel this is a cause worth supporting and will help support our environment in Ireland.

Trees On The Land plant small woodlands, coppices, orchards, hedgerows, shelter belts, agroforestry projects, reforestation sites and larger woodlands.

To date there has been more than a million trees planted at several thousand sites in Ireland and Northern Ireland since 2013

What Sort Of Trees Are Planted?

Trees on the Land focuses on native Irish trees. All of the trees are grown in Ireland and are of certified native seed provenance with exceptions noted below.

They plant individual trees, groups of trees, small woodlands, shelter belts, hedgerows, coppice groves, agroforestry projects, orchards and larger woodlands. Trees On The Land work with hundreds of farmers, smallholders, schools and colleges, community groups, councils and other landowners to find land to accommodate trees each season.

The trees supplied are bare-rooted forestry grade whips; these young trees are hardy and well adapted to the Irish climate and being small, can be handled and planted easily.

Every year in February, a national planting day at sites across Ireland. Please help Inish Pharmacy to support Trees On The Land and make a contribution to a better environment for us all.

Find out more about Trees On The Land at

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