Discretion? No problem

We often get asked question from customers about our packaging. This can be customers enquiring if the delivery box is branded or if there is anything that can identify the product contents on the outside of the box. This can be important for buyers that wish to have their order delivered to a workplace or shared address for example. At Inish Pharmacy, all our boxes are plain and unbranded.

We recognise that discrete packaging and privacy is important to our customers. In our pharmacy stores, we are used to always treating customer details and products or medication with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. This also applies to our online store and all our staff. Service, care and trust are the three pillars which we build our business around and this is paramount in our online business as well as instore.

All our boxes are plain brown boxes, made from responsible sources and fully recyclable. The only customer details are discretely on the shipping label for the delivery. If you need to order a medicine or product for a sensitive condition that you would like to keep private, you can rest assured that even if you have to get delivery to your workplace or a shared address or postal room, nobody else will be able to see that you have a delivery from Inish Pharmacy or have any indication of what the contents of your order will be.

We have a wide range of products that customers often ask about with regards to privacy and discretion. This could be a self-test for HIV, a treatment for thrush, a product to help couples trying to conceive. Many people value their privacy and this extends to all our product range.

Have a query? Call, email or message us.

Our experienced customer service team are always available to answer any questions. If the question is of a private matter, we will treat this with the highest level of respect and confidentiality. If you have a medical related question, we have pharmacists available that can be contacted by phone (+353 74 9320692) or by using our Ask Our Pharmacist feature or live messenger on the website. All enquiries will be responded to within 1 working day, but usually within an hour.

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