Back To School With Inish Pharmacy

The Inish Pharmacy Back to School Guide

With only a few weeks left of the summer holidays, many parents find themselves overwhelmed with getting all the ‘Back To School Essentials’, so we decided to help make it easier by listing our top products this year for children.

We all want to make our child’s health our first priority, so building up their immune system is essential. Many children find themselves catching all sorts of colds and sickness when starting back to school, so why not try and prevent it by giving them a multi-vitamin. We stock many high-quality vitamins, see here for details.

Every parent dreads the back to school headlice, but we all have to deal with it. Why not try and prevent headline with the Leeloop bands or the Childs Farm Hair Detangler Spray. If your children do have lice then don’t worry, the likes of the Bug Buster KitLyclearThe Nit Comb or Full Marks will help. See here for more details.

We also stock many children’s shampoo’s, bodywashes and skincare products at reasonable prices. 

To stock up for your kids going back to school click the link below and use our promocode BACKTOSCHOOL for 10% OFF until the 1st September.

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